Welcome to the Romana Topology Generator

Romana is a network and security automation solution for cloud cloud native applications. An advanced, topology aware IPAM module ensures that IP addresses of endpoints (VMs or pods) align with the topology of your network. This in turn makes it possible for Romana to effectively aggregate routes, resulting in many operational and security advantages:

  • Ability to use native L3 routing, allowing network equipment to work at its best
  • Greatly reduced number of routes in your networking hardware
  • Stable routing configurations, less route updates required
  • No "leaking" of endpoint routes into the networking fabric

Key to Romana's topology aware IPAM is the topology configuration in which the underlying network topology for your cluster is modeled.

This web based topology generator makes the creation of your topology configuration easy. It will ask you a few questions about your network and then give you a link from which to download your configuration file.